Yoga in English

If you are seeking for a yoga class introducing from a native speaker - here is our Rachel from USA. And for all the other students - it could be a good way to improve your English and practicing yoga. Rachel is teaching on Monday 5:00 pm and since 29th of August she will teach every Monday at 8:15 pm for you.

Hi Everyone! My name is Rachel and I’m originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan USA. I moved to Erfurt 4 years ago for my job in aerospace engineering and the first place I visited on my first day in Germany was Ekatra to take a yoga class. I’ve been attending classes at Ekatra since that day! I started practicing yoga when I was 15 due to a back injury I received while playing sports. Initially, I saw yoga as a way to heal my body, but it soon came to be a way to heal both my body and support my mental health and emotions. During the pandemic, I decided to study to become a yoga teacher. After many months of study and practice I graduated in May 2021 and started teaching right after. I teach a mixture of hatha and vinyasa yoga tailored around a specific theme or pose. I’m always open to suggestions and feedback and would love to see you in my next class! 😊

Thanks, Rachel